Vanderbilt Minerals LLC

Supplier of talc, clay, wollastonite and pyrophyllite minerals for coatings and adhesives. Also supply specialty chemicals to accelerate and stabilize drying of auto oxidative coatings, fungicides and thixothropes.

Contact Information

33 Winfield Street, P.O. Box 5150
Norwalk, Connecticut, 06856-5150, USA

Phone: 800-243-6064


Accelerators, Additives, Aluminum Silicates, Anti Oxidants, Anti Settling, Biocides, Calcium Metasilicate, Catalyst & Initiators, Clay, Corrosion Inhibitors, Dispersing Agents, Drying Loss Inhibitors, Fillers & Extenders, Fungicides, Kaolin, Mildewicides, Paint and Coatings Raw Materials, Preservatives, Pyrophyllite, Rheology, Suspension Agents, UV Absorbers