Univar Canada Ltd.

Distributor of specialty and industrial chemicals, serving the coating, ink, adhesive, sealant, elastomeric, construction, compounding, composite, plastic, rubber, agricultural, food, pharmaceutical, oil/gas, mining, forestry and water treament industries. ISO 9001:2000, ISO 14001:2004.

Contact Information

9800 Van Horne Way,
Richmond, British Columbia, V6X 1W5, Canada

Phone: 604-273-1441


2-Ethyl Hexyl, 2-Octyl, Accelerators, Acid Catalysts, Acrylated Monomers, Acrylic, Acrylic Polyols, Acrylic Styrene, Additives, Adhesion Promoters, Adipic Acid, Allyl Ether Glycols, Aluminum Silicates, Amyl Mixed, Anti Floating Agents, Anti Foaming Agents, Anti Graffiti Agents, Anti Oxidants, Anti Sagging, Anti Settling, Antiblocking Agents, Aromatic Cuts, Aromatic Glycols, Benzoic Acid, Benzol (Benzene), Benzonitrile, Black – Iron Oxide, Black Iron, Bodying Agents, Burnt Umber, Butadiene Emulsion, Butyl, Calcined Clay, Calcium Carbonate, Caster, Catalyst & Initiators, Chromium Oxide, Citric Acid, Clay, Cobalt Blue, Copolymers, Corrosion Inhibitors, Curing Agents, Cyclohexanol, Cyclohexanone, Diethylene Glycol, Diisobutyl, Dimethyl Formamide, Diocetone, Dipropylene Glycols, Dispersing Agents, Dry Flow Agents, Drying Oil Modified, Drying Oils, Dyes, Emulsifiers, Emulsion, Ester, Ethers & Polyethers, Ethyl, Ethyl Ethers, Ethylene Glycol, Fatty Acid Esters, FD&C Colors, Fillers & Extenders, Flame Retardants, Flatting Agents, Flow Control, Fumaric Acid, Gloss Improvers, Glycerine, Glycol Ethers, Glycols, Hammer Finish Additive, Heat Hardening Solid, Heat Hardening Solution & Dispersion, High Solids, Hydrated Chromium Oxide, Hydrous Calcium Silicate, Industrial Finishes, Intermediates, Anhydrides & Acids, Intermediates, Monomers, Intermediates, Phenols, Intermediates, Polyols, Iron Oxide, Isocyanate, Isopr, Isopropyl, Kaolin, Liquid, Low Odor, Maleic Acid, Maleic Anhydride, Marproofing Agents, Masking Agents, Matting Agents, Melt Viscosity Modifiers, Methacrylic, Methacrylic Polymers, Methyl, Methyl Ethyl, Methyl Isobutyl, Modified Hydrocarbon, Modified with other Resins, Moisture Scavenger, N-Amyl, N-Butyl Lactate, N-Octyl, Neopentyl Glycol, Nitroparaffins, Non-drying, Non-drying & Semi-oxidizing, oil modified, Odorless, Oil Free, Oleic Acid, Oxide, Paint and Coatings Raw Materials, Palmitic Acid, Pearlescent, Pentaerythritol Mono, Di, Tri, Phenol, Photoinitiators, Phthalic Anhydride, Pigment White Titanium, Pigment White Zinc, Pigments & Colorants Other, Pigments Black, Pigments Effects, Pigments Inorganic Blue & Violet, Pigments Inorganic Brown, Pigments Inorganic Green, Pigments Inorganic Iron Oxides, Polyether Polyols, Polyethylene Glycols, Polymer Emulsions, Polypropylene Glycols, Polyvinyl Acetate, Polyvinyl Alcohol, Powder Coating, Propyl, Propylene Glycol, Raw Umber, Red – Iron Oxide, Resin Ester Gums, Resins Acrylic, Resins Alkyd & Oil Copolymers, Resins Gilsonite, Resins Hydrocarbon, Resins Maelic, Resins Phenolic, Resins Polybutenes, Resins Polyester, Resins Rosin, Resins Silanes, Resins Silicone, Resins Silicone Polyesters, Resins Styrene, Resins TGIC, Resins Urethane & Polyurethane, Resins Urethane Crosslinkers, Resins Vinyl, Rheology, Saturated, Silica Amorphous, Silica Diatomaceous, Solid, Solution, Solvent based Dispersions, Solvent Ethers, Solvent Ketones, Solvent Recovery Services, Solvents Acetates, Solvents Alcohol, Solvents Aliphatic Hydrocarbons, Solvents Aromatic Hydrocarbons, Solvents Specialty Solvents, Sorbitol, Stabilizers, Stearic Acid, Styrene, Succinic Acid, Succinic Anhydride, Sulconic Acid, Surfactants, Suspension Agents, Talc Magnesium Silicate, Terephthalic Acid, Terpene, Tetrahydrofurfuryl, Tetrahyrofuran, Texturing Agents, Thickeners & Gelling Agents, Thickening Agents, Titanium Dioxide, Toluol (Toluene), Tridecyl, Trimethylolpropane, Unsaturated, UV Absorbers, Vinyl Copolymer, Water Reducible, Waterbased Dispersions, Waterborne, Wax, Xylol (Xylene), Yellow – Iron Oxide