Trust Chem Canada Ltd.

Trust Chem is the largest independent producer of organic pigments in Asia. As the specialist for dry powder organic pigments, we are renowned for our consistently high product quality, stringent quality control and excellent knowledge of organic synthesis. Trust Chem produces a wide range of classic pigments as well as high performance pigments (HPP) enabling our customers to produce a wide variety of colors.

Contact Information

c/o 761 Reid Road,
Uxbridge, Ontario, L9P 0N8, Canada

Phone: +1 905 904 0580
Contact: Hermann A. Koch


Azo Yellow, Benzidine Orange & Yellow, Benzimidazolone Orange & Yellow, Benzimidazolone Red, BON Red, Colorants, Dianisidine Orange, Diarylide, Dioxazine Carbazole Violet, Fluorescent Pigments Effects, Hansa Yellow, Indanthrene Blue, Isoindolinone, Lithol Rubine, Naphthol Red, Paint and Coatings Raw Materials, Permanent Orange & Yellow, Perylene Red, Phthalocyanine, Phthalocyanine Blue, Pigment Scarlet, Pigments Effects, Pigments Inorganic Blue & Violet, Pigments Organic Blue & Violet, Pigments Organic Green, Pigments Organic Orange & Yellow, Pigments Organic Red & Maroons, Quinacridone Red, Quinacridone Violet, Red – Iron Oxide, Red Lake, Rhodamine, Toluidine, Ultramarine Blue, Yellow – Iron Oxide