Sherwin-Williams Company (The)

Sherwin-Williams General Industrial Division provides finishing solutions to a diverse array of global brands and OEMs. With an expansive network of facilities across Canada and across the globe, provides on-site technical resources, design and color expertise, and just-in-time distribution.

Contact Information

101 West Prospect Avenue,
Cleveland, Ohio, 44115, USA

Phone: 800-524-5979


Acrylic, Acrylic Lacquer, Acrylics, Adhesion Testers, Aerospace, Agricultural, Air, Air Dry, Air-Assisted Airless, Airless, Automatic, Airless, Hot, Airless, Manual, Alkyd, Aniline Dyes, Anodic, Anti-corrosion, Anti-Gassing, Architectural Grade, Batch, Bleaches, Brush, Brushing Lacquer, Caps, Catalyzed Varnish, Catalyzed Vinyl, Cathodic, Cleaning Materials, Clear, Cloth, Clothing, Cloths, Wiping, Coal-Tar, Coatings Liquid Electrocoat, Coatings Liquid Industrial Generic, Coatings Liquid Industrial Specific, Color Shifting, Conductive, Conventional, Curing Ovens/Systems, Custom, Drying Oils, Electrostatic, Manual, Enamels, Epoxy, Fillers, Filter, Filter Dry ,Pad, Roll, Filter, Media, Finishing Equipment, Fire Retardant, Flat, Flexible Plastic, Fluorocarbon, Food Contact, Furniture, Gauges and Instruments, Glossmeter, Gloves, Gloves, Goggles, Safety Glasses, Heat Cure, Heat Resistant, High Solids, High Volume Low Pressure, HVLP, Hybrids, Industrial Finishes, Industrial Finishing Equipment and Services, Lacquers, Lacquers Generic, Lacquers Specific, Liquid Paint, Low Temperature Cure, Low Volume Low Pressure, LVLP, Manual, Electrostatic, Masking, Metal, Metallic, Moisture Meter, Nitrocellulose, Nitrocellulose Lacquer, Non Grain Raising NGR, Paper, pH & ORP, Plastic, Plastisols, Plugs, Plural Component, 2K, Polyester, Polyester Non-TGIC, Polyester TGIC, Polyester Urethanes, Polyethelene, Polyurethane, Post-Catalyzed Lacquer, Powder Coating, Powder Coating Special Finishes, Powder Coatings Special Applications, Powder Coatings Thermosets, Primers, Radiation Curable, RAL Colors, Reducers, Rubber, Sanding Sealer, Sealers, Shellac, Shellac Sticks, Short Oil Varnish, Spar Varnish (Tall Oil), Spray Booth Materials, Spray Booths, Spray Booths, Spray Equipment, Spray Equipment, Spray Equipment Powder Coating, Spray Gun, Spray, Airless, Spray, Airless, Assist, Spray, Conventional, Spray, Electrostatic, Spray, HVLP, Stains, Strippable, Strippable Coatings, Strippable Coatings, Tape, Temperature Resistant, Textured, Thermometers, Thickness, Thin Film, Toners, Urethane, Urethane, non-isocyanate, UV Curable, Valves, Varnishes, Vinyl, Water Reducible Enamels, Water-Borne, Waterborne, Waterborne Stains, Wiping Oils, Wood, Wood, Wood Dyes and Stains, Wood Finishes, Wrinkle, Zinc Rich, Zinc-rich