Schwartz Chemical Corporation

Company is a privately owned Canadian specialty coatings and adhesive manufacturer that formulates, manufactures and packages solvent-based, water-borne, and UV/radiation cure, bake and air dry coatings and adhesives.

Contact Information

777 McKay Road,
Pickering, Ontario, L1W 3A3, Canada

Phone: 905-683-0411 ext 260
Contact: Terry Butryn


Acrylic, Acrylic Lacquer, Air Dry, Alkyd, Brush, Brushing Lacquer, Catalyzed Varnish, Coatings Liquid Industrial Generic, Coatings Liquid Industrial Specific, Conventional, Drum, Enamels, Fillers, Flexible Rubber, Furniture, Glass, Heat Cure, High Solids, Industrial Finishes, Lacquers, Lacquers Generic, Lacquers Specific, Marine, Metal, Nitrocellulose, Nitrocellulose Lacquer, Non Grain Raising NGR, Plastic, Polyester, Polyurethane, Post-Catalyzed Lacquer, Powder Coatings Thermosets, Primers, Radiation Curable, Sanding Sealer, Sealers, Stains, Urethane, UV Curable, UV Curable Lacquer, Varnishes, Water-Borne, Waterborne, Waterborne Stains, Wood, Wood, Wood Dyes and Stains, Wood Finishes