Prism Powder Coatings Ltd.

Company provides range of powder coatings and specialty finishes in standard, low bake and fast cure systems. Customized orders can be produced readily, from quantities as small as 10 kg (22lb) to large volume batch sizes. New colour cards readily available. Company has over 100 combined years experience in formulating.

Contact Information

321 Edgeley Blvd,
Concord, Ontario, L4K 3Y2, Canada

Phone: 905-660-5361
Contact: Livio Agnoletto


Acrylic, Anti-Gassing, Antimicrobial, Antique, Architectural Grade, Clear, Coatings Liquid Electrocoat, Coatings Liquid Industrial Generic, Coil, Conductive, Epoxy, Flat, Fluorescent, Food Contact, Glitter, Hammertone, High Build, Hybrids, In-Mold, Industrial Finishes, Low Temperature Cure, Metal, Metallic, Non Stick, Pipe, Polyester, Polyesters, Polyurethane, Powder Coating Special Finishes, Powder Coatings Special Applications, Powder Coatings Thermoplastics, Powder Coatings Thermosets, Primers, RAL Colors, Rebar, Temperature Resistant, Thermal Insulating, Thin Film, Transparent Colors, Wood, Wood Finishes, Wrinkle