Powder Coating Solutions

Manufacturer and supplier of powder coating equipment, painting systems, specialty powders and associated consulting services. Oversee projects from design to implementation.

Contact Information

30 Dovedale Court,
Toronto, Ontario, M1S 5A7, Canada

Phone: 416-754-3377
Contact: Robert Langlois


3 Stage, 5 stage, Arrestors, Automatic, Batch, Bells, Color Change, Continuous, Curing, Curing Ovens/Systems, Discs, Downdraft, Drum, Electric Infrared, Equipment, Filter, Filter Belts, Filter Cartridges, Filters, Finishing Equipment, Finishing Systems, Fluidized Bed, Fluidized Beds, Gas Convection, Gas Infrared, Gun Motion Devices, Handling Equipment, Hoppers, Hose, Immersion, Industrial Finishing Equipment and Services, Manual, Electrostatic, Paint, Paint, Paint Booth, Porcelain, Powder Coating, Powder Coating, Powder Coating Booth, Pressure, Pretreatment and Washers, Pumps, Pumps, Radiation Cure, Reciprocators, Reclaim Systems, Recycling Equipment, Robots, Side Draft, Spray, Spray Booths, Spray Booths, Spray Equipment, Spray Equipment, Spray Equipment Powder Coating, Spray, Powder Coating, Strainers, Systems, Tribo, UltraViolet, UV Lamps, Washers, Wastewater, Weather Testing