Niagara Protective Coatings

Niagara Protective Coatings has been a Canadian specialty coatings manufacturer since 1957. Products service the architectural, industrial, commercial and residential marketplace.

Contact Information

7071 Oakwood Drive,
Niagara Falls, Ontario, L2E 6S5, Canada

Phone: 905-356-1581
Contact: Dean Karachi


Acid Resistant, Acrylic, Anti-corrosion, Anti-graffiti, Anti-skid, Coatings Liquid Electrocoat, Coatings Liquid Industrial Generic, Coatings Liquid Industrial Specific, Epoxy, High Solids, Industrial Finishes, Inhibitors, Lacquers, Metal, Plastic, Polyurethane, Powder Coatings Thermosets, Primers, Rust, Textured, Urethane, Water-Borne, Wood Finishes, Zinc Rich