Moonstone Enterprises Inc.

Moonstone’s range of products service your need for wastewater treatment using custom blended RSA technology.  Each stainless steel unit is unique and built to your wastestream.  Our technology is highly effective in paint water pretreatment and the cleaning of paint washwater.

Moonstone systems are ideal for the removal of suspended solids, emulsified oils and dissolved metals.  Treatment flows from 2-100 GPM.

Each environmentally beneficial system enables even the smallest of facilities to treat their wastewater streams.  Moonstone systems have a minimal footprint that will fit into compact spaces.  Your system will require minimum operator involvement and is simple to use.

Proven time and again to provide an overall cost savings by eliminating storage and hauling.  Durable, robust and affordable.

Contact Information

3250 Harvester Road, Unit #1,
Burlington, Ontario, L7N 3W9, Canada

Phone: 1-800-952-3691
Contact: Phil Rimes


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