Momentive Performance Materials Inc.

Silicones and advanced materials, with 70-year company heritage. Company delivers science-based solutions by linking custom technology platforms to opportunities for customers.

Contact Information

260 Hudson River Road,
Waterford, New York, 12188, USA

Phone: 614-986-2495


Additives, Adhesion Promoters, Aluminum Silicates, Anti Foaming Agents, Anti Settling, Anti-corrosion, Antiblocking Agents, Calcined Clay, Calcium Carbonate, Catalyst & Initiators, Coatings Liquid Industrial Generic, Coatings Liquid Industrial Specific, Corrosion Inhibitors, Curing Agents, Defoamers, Dispersing Agents, Emulsifiers, Fillers & Extenders, Fire Retardant, Flame Retardants, Flow Control, Heat Resistant, Industrial Finishes, Inhibitors, Ion Exchange Resins, Kaolin, Methyl Ethyl, Mica, Modified Silicones, Moisture Scavenger, Paint and Coatings Raw Materials, Plating and Anodizing Chemicals, Powder Coatings Thermosets, Resins Polyethylene, Resins Silanes, Resins Silicone, Resins Silicone Polyesters, Resins Urethane & Polyurethane, Rheology, Rust, Silica Amorphous, Silica Diatomaceous, Silica Quartz, Silicone, Silicones, Solvent Ketones, Stabilizers, Surfactants, Suspension Agents, Talc Magnesium Silicate, UV Absorbers, Viscosity Control Agents, Wastewater Treatment Chemicals, Waterborne, Wetting Agents