Miwon North America

Miwon Specialty Chemical is a global producer and supplier of cross-linking acrylate/methacrylate monomers and oligomers. Amine synergists and specialty additives (benzoin) for powder coatings are also offered.

Contact Information

696 West Lincoln Highway,
Exton, Pennsylvania, 19341, USA

Phone: 484-872-8711
Contact: Robert O'Toole


Acrylated Monomers, Acrylic, Additives, Adhesion Promoters, Aliphatic Urethane Acrylates, Alkyl, Aromatic Urethane Acrylates, Bioligomers, Epoxy Acrylates, Intermediates, Monomers, Methacrylic, Methacrylic Polymers, Paint and Coatings Raw Materials, Polyester Acrylates, Polyether Acrylates (Low Extractables & Odor), Polymer Emulsions, Resins Acrylic, Resins UV/EB, Resins Vinyl, Solution, Waterborne Acrylated Polyurethane Dispersions