Markchem Inc.

Founded in 1994, Markchem is a distributor and manufacturer’s agent for specialty products serving the eastern Canadian market. Sell a range of products for the manufacture of paints, inks, varnishes and other coatings, consisting mainly of polymers, pigment dispersions, additives and filtration products.

Contact Information

1970 rue d’ Amboise, Suite 502,
Mirabel, Quebec, J7J 0S8, Canada

Phone: 450-435-4844
Contact: Marc Lemieux


Acid Catalysts, Acrylated Monomers, Acrylic, Acrylic Polyols, Additives, Aliphatic Urethane Acrylates, Aromatic Urethane Acrylates, ASTM Type 1 Packaged Moisture Cured, ASTM Type 1 Packaged Pre Cured, Bags, Bags, Benzophenone, Tetracarbonic, Dianhydride, Bisphenol A, Catalyst & Initiators, Chemical, Cloths, Computer Software, Copolymers, Curing Agents, Dispersing Agents, Drying Oil Modified, Epoxy Acrylates, Filter, Filters and Filter Media, High Solids, Industrial Finishing Equipment and Services, Intermediates, Anhydrides & Acids, Intermediates, Monomers, Intermediates, Phenols, Inventory, Liquid, Membrane, R.O., Modified with other Resins, Non-drying, Non-drying & Semi-oxidizing, oil modified, Oil, Oil Free, Paint and Coating Manufacturing Equipment & Services, Paint and Coatings Raw Materials, Photoinitiators, Pigments & Colorants Other, Polyester Acrylates, Polyether Acrylates (Low Extractables & Odor), Polyether Polyols, Polymer Emulsions, Resins Acrylic, Resins Alkyd & Oil Copolymers, Resins Nitrocellulose, Resins Phenolic, Resins Polyamide, Resins Polyester, Resins Silicone, Resins Styrene, Resins TGIC, Resins Urethane & Polyurethane, Resins UV/EB, Resins Vinyl, Saturated, Solution, Solvent, Solvent based Dispersions, Thixotropic, Tubes & Cartridges, UV Absorbers, Vinyltoluene Copolymers, Water, Water Effluent, Water Reducible, Waterborne, Waterborne Acrylated Polyurethane Dispersions