IMCD Canada Limited

IMCD supplies a broad range of chemical products.  The company has served the coatings industry since 1960 and offers a wide range of raw materials, containers and filtration products to Canadian paint and coatings manufacturers.

Contact Information

99 Summerlea Road,
Brampton, Ontario, L6T 4V2, Canada



Accelerators, Acid Catalysts, Acidulated, Acrylated Monomers, Acrylic, Acrylic Acid, Acrylic Polyols, Additives, Adhesion Promoters, Air Replacement, Aluminum Paste & Powders, Aluminum Silicates, Anti Floating Agents, Anti Foaming Agents, Anti Freeze Agents, Anti Graffiti Agents, Anti Livering Agents, Anti Oxidants, Anti Sagging, Anti Settling, Anti Skinning Agents, Antiblocking Agents, Antimony Oxide, Aqueous Solution, Azo Yellow, Bags, Barium Sulfates, Barytes, Bentonite, Benzidine Orange & Yellow, Benzimidazolone Orange & Yellow, Benzimidazolone Red, Biocides, Bisphenol A, Black – Iron Oxide, Black – Manganese Ferrite, Black Iron, Blanc Fixe, Blown & Heat Bodied, Bodying Agents, BON Red, Bronze Paste & Powders, Burners, Burnt Umber, Butadiene, Butadiene Emulsion, Calcined Clay, Calcium Carbonate, Calcium Silicate, Calcium Sulfate, Canola Rapeseed, Cans, Carbon, Cartridges, Cashew Shell, Caster, Catalyst & Initiators, Chromium Oxide, Citric Acid, Clay, Cobalt, Coconut, Colorants, Compressed Air, Containers, Copolymers, Copper Paste & Powders, Corrosion Inhibitors, Cotton Seed, Curing Agents, Dainitraniline Orange, Diarylide, Dibasic Acid, Diethylene Glycol, Dimer Acids, Dioxazine Carbazole Violet, Dipropylene Glycols, Dispersing Agents, Dispersions & Emulsions, Driers, Dry Flow Agents, Drying, Drying Loss Inhibitors, Drying Oil Modified, Drying Oils, Dust, Dyes, Emulsifiers, Fatty Acid, FD&C Colors, Fillers & Extenders, Filter, Filters, Filters and Filter Media, Filtration Equipment, Fish, Flame Retardants, Flatting Agents, Flow Control, Fungicides, Glass, Glass Beads, Gloss Improvers, Glycerine, Glycols, Grinding Media, Hammer Finish Additive, Hansa Yellow, High Solids, Hydrated Alumina, Hydrous Calcium Silicate, Industrial Finishing Equipment and Services, Insecticides, Intermediates, Anhydrides & Acids, Intermediates, Monomers, Intermediates, Phenols, Intermediates, Polyols, Iron Oxide, Isoindolinone, Kaolin, Linoleates, Linoresinates, Linseed, Liquid, Lithol Rubine, Manganese Violet, Marproofing Agents, Masking Agents, Matting Agents, Melt Viscosity Modifiers, Metallic Flakes, Methacrylic, Methacrylic Polymers, Mildewicides, Modified Hydrocarbon, Modified with other Resins, Moisture Scavenger, Naphthenates, Naphthenic Acid, Naphthol Red, Nepheline Syenite, Non-drying, Non-drying & Semi-oxidizing, oil modified, Octoates, Oil, Oil Free, Oleic Acid, Oxide, Paint, Paint and Coating Manufacturing Equipment & Services, Paint and Coatings Raw Materials, Palmitic Acid, Pearlescent, Petroleum, Phenol, Phosphorescent, Photoinitiators, Phthalic Anhydride, Phthalocyanine, Phthalocyanine Blue, Pigment White Titanium, Pigment White Zinc, Pigments & Colorants Other, Pigments Black, Pigments Effects, Pigments Inorganic Blue & Violet, Pigments Inorganic Brown, Pigments Inorganic Green, Pigments Inorganic Iron Oxides, Pigments Optical Brightners, Pigments Organic Blue & Violet, Pigments Organic Green, Pigments Organic Orange & Yellow, Pigments Organic Red & Maroons, Pigments Rust Inhibitors, Pollution Control Equipment, Polybasic Acid, Polyether Polyols, Polymer Emulsions, Polyvinyl, Polyvinyl Acetate, Powder Coating, Preservatives, Propylene Glycol, Puffing Agent, Quinacridone Red, Quinacridone Violet, Raw Umber, Recycling Equipment, Red – Iron Oxide, Red Lake, Resin Ester Gums, Resinates, Resins Acrylic, Resins Alkyd & Oil Copolymers, Resins Hydrocarbon, Resins Maelic, Resins Polyamide, Resins Polybutadienes, Resins Polyester, Resins Polyethylene, Resins Rosin, Resins Silanes, Resins Silicone, Resins Silicone Polyesters, Resins Styrene, Resins Terpenes, Resins TGIC, Resins Urethane & Polyurethane, Resins Urethane Crosslinkers, Resins Vinyl, Rheology, Rubine Red, Safflower, Saturated, Sebacic Acid, Sesame, Silica Amorphous, Silica Diatomaceous, Silica Quartz, Sodium Silica Aluminate, Solid, Solution, Solvent, Solvent based Dispersions, Sorbitol, Soybean, Spray Equipment Powder Coating, Spray Gun, Stabilizers, Stearic Acid, Stripping, Succinic Acid, Sunflower, Surfactants, Suspension Agents, Synthetic, Talc Magnesium Silicate, Tallates, Terpene, Texturing Agents, Thickeners & Gelling Agents, Thickening Agents, Thixotropic, Tin, Titanium Dioxide, Toluidine, Tung China Wood, Ultramarine Blue, Universal Colors, UV Absorbers, Vinyl Copolymer, Vinyl Stabilizers, Vinyltoluene Copolymers, Walnut, Water, Water Reducible, Water Soluble, Water Thinned, Waterborne, Wax, Yellow – Iron Oxide, Yellow – Zinc Ferrite, Zinc Dust