JPS Technologies, Inc.

JPS Technologies, Inc. supplies equipment and chemicals to the surface finishing, electroplating, printed circuit board, aerospace, rotogravure and other related wet processing industries. JPS Technologies, Inc. designs and manufactures custom built equipment.

Contact Information

11131 Deerfield Road,
Blue Ash, Ohio, 45242, USA

Phone: 513 984 6400
Contact: Robert Brandner


3 Stage, 5 stage, Acidic, Agitators, Air, Air, Air Knives, Air Pollution Control Equipment, Air Power, Air-Make Up, Alkali, Alkaline, Aluminum Hardcoat, Anode, Anodizing Equipment, Anodizing Process, Aqueous Solution, Automated Metal Finishing/Plating Equipment, Automatic, Axial, Bags, Bar, Barrel Finishing Equipment, Barrel Plating Equipment, Basket, Baskets, Batch, Blasting Equipment, Blowers, Brass and Bronze, Brush Plating Equipment, Burners, Cadmium, Caps, Carbon, Cartridges, Centrifugal, Ceramic and Metal Oxide, Chart Recorders, Chemical Destruction, Chillers, Cleaners, Cleaning, Cleaning Machines, Cobalt and Nickel Cobalt, Computer Software, Conforming, Containment, Continuous, Controllers, Controls, Controls, Conveyors, Conveyors, Copper, Curing Ovens/Systems, Danglers & Cathode Contacts, Descaling Compounds, Diaphragm, Dipping, Drum, Drum, Dryers, Electrodeposition E-Coat, Electrodialisis, Electrolytic Destruction, Electrophoretic, Eliminators, Emulsion, Equipment, Evaporation, Exhaust, Exhaust Systems, Fasteners, Fiberglass, Filter, Filtration Equipment, Finishing Equipment, Fume, Gauges and Instruments, Glass Bead, Hand, Handling, Heat Exchangers, Heaters, High Pressure, Hoists, Hoists, Hook Covers, conductive, Hooks, Hooks and Racks, Hydrometers, Immersion, Indicators, Indium, Industrial Finishing Equipment and Services, Ion Exchange, Lead, LED, Liners, Liners, Liquid Level, Low Temperature, Magnesium, Make-Up, Manual, Masking, Mass Finishing, Material Handling, Material Handling, Media, Membrane Filtration, Metal, Metal Panels, Metering, Mixers, Nickel, Oil, Oil, ORP, Oven Logger, pH, pH & ORP, Pit/Pond, Plastic, Plating Systems, Platinum, Platinum Coated, Plugs, Pollution Control Equipment, Portable, Powder Coating, Press, Pretreatment and Washers, Profilers, Pumps, Pumps, Quality Control, Racks, Reclaim Systems, Liquid, Recording Thermometers, Rectifiers, Regulators, Salt Spray, Separators, Silver, Sludge, Sludge Concentration, Spectrophotometers, Spray Booths, Spray Nozzles, Stainless Steel, Steel and Iron, Stripping, Surface Tension, Tank, Tanks, Tape, Temperature, Temperature, Test Services, Testing Equipment, Tin, Tin-Lead, Tin-Zinc, Titanium, Treatment Equipment, Ultrasonic Cleaning Equipment, UltraViolet, UV Lamps, Valves, Ventilation Equipment & Systems, Vibratory Finishing Equipment, Washers, Wastewater, Water, Water Pollution Control Equipment, Water Treatment Equipment, Weather Testing, Zinc