Integran Technologies Inc.

Integran develops, licenses, and manufactures electroplated and electroformed nanocrystalline metal products. This includes a hard chrome alternative (Nanovate CoP) for corrosion/wear protection of steel, structural reinforcement of plastics (including thermoset and thermoplastic composites) using nanocrystalline nickel, and magnetic shielding.

Contact Information

6341 Northam Drive,
Mississauga, Ontario, L4V 1T2, Canada

Phone: 416-675-6266
Contact: Gino Palumbo


Acid Resistant, Aerospace, Alloy, Anti-corrosion, Coatings Liquid Industrial Generic, Cobalt, Cobalt Alloy, Industrial Finishes, Iron, Marine, Nickel, Nickel, Electroless, Nickel, Iron, Plastic, Plastics, Plating Process, Primers, Zinc Nickel