Imbotec Group

Imbotec since 1999 has been providing glossmeters and now has a range of Coating Applicators, Physical Testers, Transmission Haze, Drying Time Recorders, Cupping Testers, Viscosity, Fineness of Grind, Cross Hatch, Density, Mandrels, Color, Hardness, Abrasion, Adhesion, Deformation, & much more.

Contact Information

12 Cannon Crescent,
Brampton, Ontario, L6Y 4L8, Canada

Phone: 905-450-1746x115
Contact: Pina;John


Abrasion, Abrasion Resistance Testers, Adhesion, Color Matching, Colorimeters, Film Flexibility, Film Thickness, Gloss, Hardness, Industrial Finishing Equipment and Services, Light Booths, ORP, Oven Logger, Paint and Coating Manufacturing Equipment & Services, pH, Surface Tension, Testing Equipment, Viscosity