Hunter Chemical LLC

Hunter Chemical produces, processes and distributes various chemicals, oxides and metal powders related to nickel, cobalt and chrome, used in metal finishing, thermal spray, chrome plating, anodizing, galvanizing, pigment, and other applications.  The company manufactures proprietary fume suppressants and high speed catalysts for chrome plating and is a major distributor of chromic acid for plating.  Hunter Chemical is ISO 9001:2015 certified.

Contact Information

220 Commerce Drive, Suite 200
Fort Washington, Pennsylvania, 19034, USA

Phone: 215-461-1900
Contact: Greg Landry


Acid Salts, Anodizing Process, Cadmium, Chemicals, Chromic Acid, Chromium, Chromium Oxide, Chromium Oxide, Cobalt, Cobalt Alloy, Conversion Coatings, Industrial Finishes, Manganese Phosphate, Nickel, Nickel & Titanium, Nickel, Sulfamate, Paint and Coatings Raw Materials, Pigments Inorganic Green, Plating and Anodizing Chemicals, Plating Process, Tin Nickel, Zinc Cobalt, Zinc Nickel