Empire Buff

Surface engineering since 1949. Empire Buff has evolved in sync with the industry to hold a leadership position. Synonymous with professionalism, ingenuity, quality and innovation, the company incarnates a modern renewal anchored in in-depth understanding of the technological applications required by surface finishing.

Contact Information

1485 Boulevard Saint-Elzear Ouest,
Laval, Quebec, H7L 3N6, Canada

Phone: 1-800-663-2833
Contact: Marco Lastoria;Johnny Judd;Eric La Ricca


Abrasion Resistance Testers, Abrasive, Acid Salts, Acidic, Acidic Phosphoric, Acrylics, Agitators, Air, Air, Air Pollution Control Equipment, Air Pollution Equipment, Air Power, Air Replacement, Alkaline, Aluminum, Aluminum Finishing Chemicals, Ammonium Hydroxide, Analytical Instruments, Anode, Anodizing Equipment, Anti-pitting Agents, Antiquing Chemicals, Aqueous Solution, Automated carts, Automated Metal Finishing/Plating Equipment, Automatic, Axial, Bags, Bags, Bags, Bar, Barrel Finishing Equipment, Barrel Plating Equipment, Basket, Baskets, Bath Testing Equipment, Belt Machines, Belts, Belts, Blackening Chemicals, Blasting Equipment, Blasting Media, Blowers, Boric Acid, Brass and Bronze, Brass/Bronze, Brighteners, Brush Plating Equipment, Buffing, Buffing Machines, Buffs, Burnishing Compounds, Cadmium, Cadmium, Calcium chloride, Can, Can, Can and Pail Closers, Carbon, Cartridges, Case Sealers, Caustic Soda, Centrifugal, Centrifugal, Centrifugal, Ceramic and Metal Oxide, Chambers, Chemical Destruction, Chill Roll Assemblies, Chillers, Chromatography, Liquid Systems, Chromic Acid, Chromium, Chromium Colored, Chromium Trivalent, Clarifiers, Cleaners, Cleaners, Cleaning, Cleaning Equipment, Tank & Drum, Cloth, Clothing, Coatings Liquid Electrocoat, Cobalt and Nickel Cobalt, Coil Coating, Compliance, Compressed Air, Computer Software, Conforming, Consultants, Consultants, Consultants, Containers, Containment, Controllers, Controls, Controls, Controls, Controls, Conversion Coatings, Conveyors, Copper, Copper Chloride, Copper Sulfate, Copper/Copper Electroless, Corrosion, Crushers, Crushers, Danglers & Cathode Contacts, Defoamers, Dehumidifiers, Dewatering Devices, Diaphragm, Dipping, Disposal Equipment, Distilling Equipment, Drum, Drum, Drum, Drum, Drum, Dryers, Electopolishing Equipment, Eliminators, Environmental, Environmental Control, Equipment, Equipment, Equipment, Etchants, Exhaust, Exhaust Fans, Exposure Testing, Feeding Tables, Fiberglass, Filter, Filters and Filter Media, Filtration Equipment, Finishing, Finishing Consultants, Finishing Equipment, Finishing Line, Finishing Systems, Fire Control Equipment, Fittings, Flow, Fluid Pressure, Fume, Fume Eliminators, Gauges and Instruments, Gauges and Instruments, Glass, Gloves, Gloves, Goggles, Safety Glasses, Grain, Grinding, Grinding Media, Hand, Handling, Handling Equipment, Heat Exchangers, Heaters, Heaters, High Pressure, High Vacuum, Hoists, Hoists, Hook Covers, conductive, Hook Forming Machines, Hooks, Hooks, Hooks and Racks, Humidifying Equipment, Humidity, Hydrometers, Immersion, Indicators, Indium, Industrial Finishes, Industrial Finishing Equipment and Services, Inhibitors, Inhibitors (Acid Pickling), Ion Exchange, Kettles, Kibblers, Labeling Equipment, Laboratory, Laboratory Services, Lacquers Generic, Lead, Light, Line, Liners, Liquid, Liquid Level, Magnesium, Manual, Manufacturing, Masking, Masks, Masks, Painters, Mass Finishing, Material Handling, Mechanical Plating, Media, Membrane Filtration, Metal, Metal, Metal Cleaning Equipment, Metering, Mixing Equipment, Muriatic Acid, Nickel, Nickel, Nickel Chloride, Nickel Sulfate, Nickel, Electroless, Nickel, Iron, Nickel, Sulfamate, Nitric Acid, ORP, ORP, Oven Logger, Paint and Coating Manufacturing Equipment & Services, Paint Pot, Paper, pH, pH, pH & ORP, Pit/Pond, Plastic, Plating and Anodizing Chemicals, Plating Process, Plating Systems, Platinum, Platinum Coated, Pollution Control Equipment, Portable, Powder Coating Mfg. Equipment, Press, Preventatives, Primers, Process Control, Profilers, Programmable, Protective, Protective Liners, Pumps, Racks, Reciprocating, Recording Thermometers, Rectifiers, Reduction Equipment, Regulators, Regulatory, Remote, Remote, Removers, Reverse Osmosis, Reverse Osmosis Equipment, Rotary, Rotators, Rubber, Rust, Safety, Safety Containers, Safety Equipment, Salt Spray, Salt Spray, Scheduling, Security Clips, Separators, Shellac, Silver, Silver/Silver Electroless, Sludge, Sludge, Sludge Concentration, Slurry, Sodium Bisulfite, Sodium Hypophosphite, Steel and Iron, Stripping, Sulfuric Acid, Supplies, Systems, Tank, Tank, Tanks, Temperature, Temperature, Temperature, Test Services, Testing Equipment, Thermometers, Tin, Tin Nickel, Tin-Lead, Tin-Zinc, Tin/Tin Electroless, Titanium, Treatment Equipment, Turbine Rotary, Ultrasonic Cleaning Equipment, Valves, Ventilation Equipment & Systems, Vibratory Finishing Equipment, Wastewater, Wastewater Treatment Chemicals, Water, Water, Water Pollution Control Equipment, Water Treatment Equipment, Wetting Agents, Wheeled carts, Wheels, Wheels, Zinc, Zinc, Zinc Iron, Zinc Nickel