Dimachem Inc. Chemfil

Supplier of lubricants/coolants, wire drawing lubricants and phosphates, rust inhibitors, parts washing, biological products, water treatment, laundry/warewash, janitorial, transportation cleaning, robot covers/textiles, paint strippers and lab supplies/equipment. Also provides toll blending and packaging.

Contact Information

3258 Marentette Avenue,
Windsor, Ontario, N8X 4G4, Canada

Phone: 519-969-5570
Contact: Andrew Conway


Acidic, Alkaline, Aluminum Finishing Chemicals, Blackening Chemicals, Calcium chloride, Caustic Soda, Chemicals, Chromium Reduction, Cleaners, Cyanide Reduction, dbo Metal Removal, Defoamers, Degreasing Chemicals, Descaling, Descaling Compounds, Dry Film Lubricants, Emulsion, Equipment, Flocculating Agent, Glassware, Industrial Finishes, Inhibitors, Inhibitors (Acid Pickling), Ion Exchange Resins, Laboratory, Low Temperature, Muriatic Acid, Nitric Acid, Non-etching, Organic Phosphating, Paint and Coating Manufacturing Equipment & Services, Phosphoric Acid, Plating and Anodizing Chemicals, Polishing, Chemical, Pollution Control Chemicals, Preventatives, Reducers, Removers, Rust, Solvent Degreasers, Solvent Recovery, Solvent Recovery Services, Strippable Coatings, Strippable Materials, Sulfuric Acid, Testing Services, Toll Manufacturing, Ultrasonic Cleaning Agents, Washing Compounds, Wastewater Treatment Chemicals, Water Wash Booth Chemicals, Wetting Agents