Comet Chemical Co. Ltd.

Canadian owned, regional distributor of chemical raw materials and solvents. Specializing in custom blending. Key product lines include aliphatic and aromatic hydrocarbons, oxy-solvents, glycols and glycol ethers, ester acetates and amines. All products available in bulk, totes, drums and pail quantities.

Contact Information

3463 Thomas St. ,,
Innisfil, Ontario, L9S 3W4, Canada

Phone: 705-436-5580


2-Ethyl Hexyl, Acidic, Alkaline, Alpha Methyl Styrene, Amyl Mixed, Aromatic Cuts, Benzol (Benzene), Butyl, Citric Acid, Cleaners, Cyclohexanol, Cyclohexanone, Diethylene Glycol, Diisobutyl, Dimethyl Formamide, Dipropylene Glycols, Ester, Ethyl, Ethyl Ethers, Ethylene Glycol, Glycerine, Glycol Ethers, Glycols, Industrial Finishes, Intermediates, Anhydrides & Acids, Intermediates, Monomers, Intermediates, Polyols, Isophorone, Isopropyl, Low Odor, Methyl, Methyl Ethyl, Methyl Isobutyl, N-Amyl, N-Butyl Lactate, Odorless, Paint and Coatings Raw Materials, Phosphoric Acid, Polyethylene Glycols, Propyl, Propylene Glycol, Solvent Degreasers, Solvent Ethers, Solvent Ketones, Solvents Acetates, Solvents Alcohol, Solvents Aliphatic Hydrocarbons, Solvents Aromatic Hydrocarbons, Solvents Specialty Solvents, Tetrahyrofuran, Toluol (Toluene), Wastewater Treatment Chemicals, Xylol (Xylene)