Barentz is a world-class distributor of specialty chemical solutions dedicated to serving the Canadian Coatings market. With 15 strategically located warehouses and relationships with over 1,500+ principal partners, we are able to offer solutions on-time, everyday, anywhere.

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627 Lyons Lane, Suite 300
Oakville, Ontario, L6J 5Z7, Canada

Phone: (905) 338 3172
Contact: Derren Matthews


Accelerators, Accelerators, Acid Catalysts, Acrylated Monomers, Acrylic, Acrylic Acid, Additives, Adhesion Promoters, Adipic Acid, Aluminum Silicates, Anti Foaming Agents, Anti Graffiti Agents, Anti Oxidants, Anti Sagging, Anti Settling, Anti Skinning Agents, Antiblocking Agents, Barium Chromate, Barium Sulfates, Barytes, Benzoic Acid, Biocides, Biocides, Bisphenol A, Black – Iron Oxide, Black – Manganese Ferrite, Blanc Fixe, Bodying Agents, Calcined Clay, Calcium Carbonate, Calcium Metasilicate, Catalyst & Initiators, Chromium Oxide, Citric Acid, Corrosion Inhibitors, Curing Agents, Dibasic Acid, Dispersing Agents, Dodecenyl Succinic Anhydride, Dry Flow Agents, Drying Loss Inhibitors, Drying Oils, Emulsifiers, Fatty Acid Esters, Fillers & Extenders, Fillers Glass Beads, Flame Retardants, Flatting Agents, Flow Control, Fungicides, Glass Beads, Glass Beads, Gloss Improvers, Hexahydrophthalic Acid, Hexahydrophthalic Anhydride, Intermediates, Anhydrides & Acids, Intermediates, Monomers, Intermediates, Phenols, Intermediates, Polyols, Iron Oxide, Isocyanate, Kaolin, Liquid, Maleic Acid, Maleic Anhydride, Melamine, Melamine Formaldehyde, Methacrylic, Modified Hydrocarbon, Moisture Scavenger, Neopentyl Glycol, Oxide, Paint and Coatings Raw Materials, Pentaerythritol Mono, Di, Tri, Photoinitiators, Photoinitiators, Phthalic Anhydride, Phthalocyanine, Phthalocyanine Blue, Pigment White Titanium, Pigment White Zinc, Pigments & Colorants Other, Pigments Black, Pigments Effects, Pigments Inorganic Blue & Violet, Pigments Inorganic Brown, Pigments Inorganic Green, Pigments Inorganic Iron Oxides, Pigments Organic Blue & Violet, Pigments Organic Green, Pigments Organic Orange & Yellow, Pigments Organic Red & Maroons, Pigments Rust Inhibitors, Polyethylene Glycols, Polyvinyl Alcohol, Powder Coating, Preservatives, PTFE, PTFE (Polytetrafluoroethylene), Red – Iron Oxide, Reflective, Resin Ester Gums, Resins Acrylic, Resins Amino, Resins Cellulose, Resins Hydrocarbon, Resins Phenoxy, Resins Polyamide, Resins Polyester, Resins Rosin, Resins Silanes, Resins Silicone, Resins TGIC, Resins Urethane & Polyurethane, Resins Urethane Crosslinkers, Resins UV/EB, Rheology, Silica Amorphous, Silica Diatomaceous, Silica Quartz, Sodium Silica Aluminate, Solid, Solid, Solid, Solution, Solvents Acetates, Solvents Aliphatic Hydrocarbons, Solvents Aromatic Hydrocarbons, Solvents Specialty Solvents, Sorbitol, Stearic Acid, Strontium Chromate, Succinic Acid, Succinic Anhydride, Sulfide, Surfactants, Suspension Agents, Talc Magnesium Silicate, Terephthalic Acid, Terpene, Texturing Agents, Thickeners & Gelling Agents, Thickening Agents, Titanium Dioxide, Trimethylolpropane, Ultramarine Blue, Urea, Urea Formaldehyde, UV Absorbers, Vinyl Acetate, Waterborne, Wax, Waxes, Waxes & PTFE, Yellow – Iron Oxide, Yellow – Zinc Ferrite, Zinc Chromate, Zinc Free, Zinc Organic Modified