Amiberica, Inc.

Fabricators of complete finishing systems, powder booths, washers, ovens and conveyors. Hook cleaning equipment, burn-off furnaces and the Pyro-Strip fluidized sand tank system. Equipment designed for efficiency and durability.

Contact Information

3701 South Ashland Avenue,
Chicago, Illinois, 60609, USA

Phone: 773-247-3600
Contact: William Diaz


3 Stage, 5 stage, Air, Automatic, Automatic, Electrostatic, Batch, Burn-Off, Chain on Edge, Cleaning, Collectors, Color Change, Continuous, Conveyors, Conveyors, Curing, Curing Ovens/Systems, Dip, Downdraft, Dryers, Dryers, Dust, Electrodeposition E-Coat, Electrophoretic, Electrostatic, Automatic, Environmental Rooms, Equipment, Filter Cartridges, Filters, Finishing Equipment, Fluidized Bed, Fluidized Beds, Gas Convection, Gas Infrared, Hooks and Racks, Hoppers, Industrial Finishing Equipment and Services, Large Vehicle, Manual, Electrostatic, Metal Cleaning Equipment, Nozzles, Ovens, see Curing Systems, Plating Systems, Powder Coating, Powder Coating, Pretreatment, Pretreatment and Washers, Radiation Cure, Reclaim Systems, Recycling Equipment, Rotary, Sand Bath, Side Draft, Spray Booths, Spray Booths, Spray Equipment, Spray Equipment, Spray Equipment Powder Coating, Spray Nozzles, Spray, Powder Coating, Stripping, Systems, Updraft, Washers, Washing, Pretreatment, Weather Testing